"Stunning - a real page turner! I have read books that that promised enlightenment of one sort or another, however, I have never before picked up a book that was so easy to read - a great mixture of practical advice, exercises to cement the learning & stories of how it has impacted on people's lives. It is a book that I will re-read and recommend to friends & colleagues alike..."
Julie Noble, Noble HR Solutions.

"If you have only time to read one book, make it Olivia Stefanino's 'Be your own guru'."

Noel Guilford, UK.

"It's a privilege to have come across your book - which is one of the best books on self improvement. Fabulous. It takes courage to include so many stories and facts, which the so called great authors generally tend to forget/hide when they create books on self help."

Anish R. Kurup, India.

What an absolutely brilliant, enlightening and uplifting book! A dear friend of mine lent me her copy as I was encountering some tough times in my life... it couldn't have come at a better time!
  I started the book which gripped me instantly and before too long felt like it was 'talking to me.' I could completely relate to the main characters (delegates) and their true life issues and it is written so succinctly that I remember and apply the Guru Success Tips in my daily life. On reading the true stories, the logic and rationale behind them was clear. It just makes sense!
  I am an action-oriented person and loved the 'Points to ponder' exercises along with the tools like 'The Wheel of Life.' Where I was once confused, I no longer am!
  It sits on my bedside table and when I come up against an issue, or am experiencing certain emotions, the weird thing is I open it at any page and more often than not, I am at the page that I need to address my situation! I would go so far to say that this book has magical qualities!
  Was there anything not to like about the book... in a word, "No" - but I did find myself wishing I had been in this three day meeting and experiencing it first-hand!
  A great big thank you to Olivia and to my dear friend for helping me on this journey. The book will be by my side forever and I would love to help others on their journey but recommend they buy their own copy as my friend's copy is now firmly mine :0)

Jackie Carruthers Hale, Cheshire.

"I found this book to be an easy read. It has given me an insight into how to take control of my own ability. The book identifies that past experiences can have a really regative effect on how we think and act, and gives simple, practical ways to identify these and move on without 'baggage'. Enjoyed it and have recommended to friends!"

Caroline Lewis, Shropshire, UK.

"I wondered just how a book could guide to me personal enlightenment in just 3 days! Having now read "be your own guru", I can truthfully say it actually does! It's written in an easy to follow format with a "true story" narrative running throughout the book, interspersed with analysis.

The analysis is the part that really makes you sit back and think. The more I read, the more I actually felt a part of the group featured in the story and understood "the what, why and how" of the group's experience. It made me realise that the only thing stopping you I will read this book again and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone and everyone."

Carol Keogh, USA.

I really enjoyed it. The idea of a chapter relating the story followed by a chapter analysing the learning points of the story is a very clever and effective way of putting the messages over. It saves the need to read loads of other development books as the salient points are all here.

Well worth buying!

Chris Whittam, UK.

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