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Enlightened organisations recognise the importance of employee development - but, however enlightened you are as an employer -you still need to see a demonstrable return on investment...

How soon will we start to see results on the bottom line?

In most cases, clients start to see an immediate impact on their bottom line.
In a pilot study conducted with a high street bank over a nine-month period, it was shown that the business managers who went through our leadership development course improved their sales results by 330%! Additionally, those delegates who had come through our training programme reported less stress and took less time off sick.

Does leadership development really accomplish anything or is it just the “in-thing” for blue chip organisations with large budgets?
It’s true that there are many trends in learning development – and there are some training companies who do little more than jump on the passing bandwagon. But its fair to say that without leadership, no organisation ever reaches its full potential.
  We work on the basis – like all the leadership gurus including Anthony Robbins, Steven Covey and Brian Tracy – that all leadership begins with personal leadership. People are any organisation’s greatest asset and it's our belief is that “successful companies employ successful individuals” – and of course, without successful individuals, there will be no successful companies!

Isn’t there a danger that if my staff become “empowered” they'll leave my organisation?
Yes, we have to be honest – in a few cases, employees do decide that they want their lives to follow a different course after completing one of our programmes.
  Unless the right people are in the right jobs, real and lasting success will never be achieved. We also believe it's healthy for an organisation to encourage its employees to seek promotion and achieve their personal ambition.
  Companies employing the same people in the same jobs for years on end become stagnant - and no organisation in this day and age can afford to be anything less than dynamic, innovative and passionate about its business!

Do managers really need to learn coaching skills or is this just another fad?
While many people do enjoy their jobs, it is fair to say that most employees work to live – rather than the other way round. Those managers who help their employees achieve their own personal goals are rewarded with increased loyalty, productivity and results.
  Forward-looking companies understand that they will only become fully successful when their employees are able to align their personal goals with those of their employer. Sadly, most employees lack goals – and only see their job as providing “money at the end of the month”. However, when an employee is able to identify his own personal goals – with the help of his manager/coach - and is then shown how he can use his current job to seed-fund his future, a measurable rise in productivity and sales figures is registered.
  As well as benefitting personally from our “Coaching Skills for Managers” programme – sales managers are often in their role because of their personal sales successes and not because of their experience in team leading. Our programme ensures that these senior personnel are provided with all the tools they need to motivate their own staff.

Can my company use your services to provide a stress management and coaching service for our staff?
Yes! We already provide such a service to a number of clients in the corporate sector. Some companies pay for their staff to use our services – while others simply negotiate special rates with us on behalf of their staff, who then pay us privately. In these instances, our service is promoted within the company’s in-house newsletters and on notice-boards.
  Increasingly, companies are recognising that offering staff proper stress management services reduces absenteeism and increases productivity. And in those rare instances in which an employee takes a company to tribunal, it is helpful for the employer to be able to show that it had made adequate provision for the care and welfare of its staff. And with recent changes in the law, companies now have a duty of care for their employees.

Does your 100% money-back guarantee only apply to your products or does it cover your programmes as well?
Absolutely! If you aren't happy with any of our programmes or products, let us know why (feedback is always useful!) and we promise to refund you completely, with no argument.
  We understand the benefits of long-term relationships – which is why when we are asked to run a corporate programme, we take care to make sure that our style of programmes is what you really need. If we don’t believe that we are the right people for your organisation, we say so – as we have on more than one occasion. Honesty and integrity are important to us – as is our reputation, and we don’t want to lower our “batting averages” by taking on projects which we are not qualified or suited to handle.
  Personal development is the best investment you can ever make - but be sure to spend your precious time and hard-earned money with an organisation you can trust.

Isn’t personal coaching both expensive and time consuming?
Spending money on improving yourself should be recognised as an investment rather than as a cost. Think for example, how much money you spend servicing your car each year – aren’t you worth more to you than your car?
  Working with a coach – who acts as your “voice of conscience” - can help you realise all of your goals so much quicker, which means that your investment easily much more than pays for itself!
  Also, as the name suggests, the “Be Your Own Guru” programme is aimed at helping our clients become fully self-empowered – so over time we happily do ourselves out of a job!

Is there any way that I can “try before I buy”?
As well as reading some of the testimonials we have received from lots of happy clients, you may also want to sign up for our regular e-zine, which will give you a feeling for the kind of work we do. At the end of the day, the only way to experience what we do is to...well, experience what we do! We introduced our 100% no quibble money back guarantee in order to give you the comfort and reassurance you need to make your purchasing decision.

What happens if I decide that your style of working simply doesn’t suit me?
We offer a full 100% money-back guarantee to all our clients – personal and corporate. If you honestly believe that our time together hasn't been useful, we will be more than happy to give you your money back. We make this offer because we have a deep belief in what we do – and because we have seen the beneficial results time and time again.

 "Calypso retained Be Your Own Guru's Olivia Stefanino on the recommendation of the Welsh Development Agency who said, and I quote 'Olivia is so confident of success that she offers a 100% refund if you don’t get results - and she has very impressive statistics on the work she's done with other companies'.
  Needless to say, we didn’t need a refund!
  Olivia was a breath of fresh air, someone who wanted to get to the heart of the company and understand its culture and how we could improve things.
  Individual one-to-ones, listening to opinions at all levels of the business using subtle and confidential journalistic skills (an unusual mix it itself!) gave Olivia an insight into the company culture.
  There were no lectures or text book management training but, straight forward, hard hitting advice to help in “Creating a Juicier Future”.
  With Olivia’s help, we have achieved objectives hitherto unattainable."

Sheila Davie, Human Resources Manager, Calypso Soft Drinks

"The real benefit to the business of Olivia’s training wasn’t only in terms of business growth.
  Her training also enabled the team to maintain focus – and interestingly absenteeism dropped substantially. People who had streaming colds were so motivated that they still turned up for work!
  Over the last three months, team time lost to sickness has been minimal. In fact, other than 3 people who are off in the long term with serious illnesses, we’ve had NO absenteeism of note (in a 300-strong workforce).
  Of course, this has had an important impact on the team in terms of morale. Without people off sick, the good guys – who are always there in a crisis in any business – were able to focus on achieving their own goals, and not feel as though their loyalty was being abused by having to cover for other people.
  Finally, the reduced stress from wondering who was turning up did make a huge difference to the overall team spirit."

Ian Hildon, Regional Sales Director, Genus ABS Global.

"Thank you very much for your time! I really enjoyed our session and it's highlighted some great development areas - ones I can actually do something about quite simply!
  I really liked your suggested solutions to some of the more sticky areas and I particularly appreciated the way you used the profile questions to help examine whether the differences between my perception and reality were a result of a "snap-shot in time" or genuine "non-awareness".
  I found the idea of taking a couple of hours "out" much more useful than having several smaller sessions. It was fantastic to devote a period of time to examining these issues in some depth - if we'd done it over a number of bite-sized sessions we'd have lost the continuity."

Sam Dounis, Senior Consultant, Corporate Learning & Development, Bank of Scotland.



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