“Worried About Profits? Unhappy With Staff Absenteeism? Want to Discover The Secret To Really Motivating Your Staff?”

Everyone in business wants to know how to increase profits and reduce absenteeism – and once you know the secret, achieving phenomenal success is actually, remarkably easy!

So, just what is the secret? Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s a simple law which states that “successful companies employ successful individuals”!

And the great news is that we proved that statement when we ran a 9 month pilot project with a British high street bank – putting 15 business managers through the Be Your Own Guru programme. And yes, we made it scientific by creating a control group too, which went through the bank’s internal training. Each group had its fair share of high flyers, middle rankers and poor performers.

So, what happened at the end of the 9 month period? Well, the 15 managers who came through our programme easily beat their colleagues, seeing their sales results improve by an astonishing 330%!

Have you ever wondered why most training programmes don’t actually give a very good return on investment?

Irrespective of how expensive they are, most training courses fail because they focus on skills. But in reality, skills are just the tip of the iceberg.

Far more important are our habits as they dictate how we do what we do. But there’s one even more important thing to take into consideration. And that’s our personal motivation.

It’s only when we’ve got our own personal reason ‘why’ that we’ll ever be motivated to change our habits - and yet it’s only through a change in our habits that we’re able to adopt new skills.

After Olivia’s experience with the bank - and with lots of other organisations – she’s personally witnessed thousands of people experience an excitement bordering on “magic” when they manage to connect with their ‘personal purpose’. (You can read more about it in Olivia’s book, “Be Your Own Guru – personal and business enlightenment in just 3 days!”)

And, if you’d like to find out how another of our clients overcame their internal communication problems by melting away the entrenched “silo mentality”; or what another organisation did to grow its sales by 20% (and its market share by 10%) in a shrinking marketplace, then you should definitely give us a call!

For a comprehensive list of our programmes, courses and workshops, please refer to our “Be Your Own Guru Leadership Planner”. (Simply click on the red bar below!)

"Before I went on your development programme last year, I feared that it might be like the many other courses I have attended throughout my career. Often what you learn in the training arena can't really be applied in the 'real world'.
  However, after attending your programme, I can honestly say that for the first time I have come away from a course and been able to utilize - and implement effectively - about 85% of the course content!
  It was a very thought provoking session - and at the same time, enormous fun".

Mark Armstrong, Regional Sales Director, Genus ABS Global 


"Olivia and her Be Your Own Guru team helped us greatly with the management of change within our organisation - especially with our new specified areas of business…"

Barrie Yates, International Projects, AMEC Construction Ltd

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