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 "Stunning - a real page turner! I have read books that that promised enlightenment of one sort or another, however, I have never before picked up a book that was so easy to read - a great mixture of practical advice, exercises to cement the learning & stories of how it has impacted on people's lives. It is a book that I will re-read and recommend to friends & colleagues alike..."
 Julie Noble,
 Noble HR Solutions.

"Thank you so much for the CD which arrived just as you said it would! I don't know whether it was in any way connected but I listened to it and that day I had a wonderful burst of energy to do some painting in the house which I had been putting off for ages! I think you have a great voice for this type of relaxation CD and I loved the background music..."

Kate Diggory, Cheshire

"The PEAR Process literally changed the software that is running my mind. I now have a different view on the things that were dragging me down.

It is brilliant and I recommend it to anybody who wants to get more out of their careers and life in general!"

Brian Fulford,
Sao Paulo, Brazil

 “I had to go in for a knee operation but was told my blood pressure was too high, and had just 24 hours to reduce it or my operation would be cancelled. After listening to Chakra Journey twice – my blood pressure dropped by 25%. I was happy - the hospital was amazed!”

Denys Smith Hart, MD, SnapBack, Lancashire

The Personal Enlightenment And Release (PEAR) Process" - 2 CD audio programme

Join the hundreds of happy people who've already used The "PEAR" Process to let go of the past!
  Used successfully with hundreds of corporate and private clients, The PEAR Process is the perfect tool for helping you to let go of the past. After all, it's only when we've dealt with the issues from our past that we're free to be able to create the future of our dreams!
  If we're to be happy, healthy and wealthy we have no choice but to learn to let go of our negative feelings. When you're happy, you don't waste time feeling angry, guilty or rejected. You also have no interest in playing the 'blame game'.

The PEAR (Personal Enlightenment and Release) process:
1. Expression of anger, hurt or grief
2. Forgiveness
3. Acceptance
4. Unconditional love
5. Letting go

Chakra Journey - guided visulisation CD

"Chakra Journey" is absolutely the CD for you if you want to experience deep relaxation but don't know how to get started! Described as "better than a bottle of gin" by one happy user, the Chakra Journey CD teaches you how to tap into your energy centres for perfect health. And by listening to the guided visualisation, you'll soon be on your way to experiencing the many benefits of meditation. And the great news is that many Chakra Journey users have already reported reduced stress levels, better sleep patterns and even lowered blood pressure.

Track One (35 mins)
Guided Visualisation
Track Two (41 mins)
Music minus voice for your own meditation journeys

Self Journey - guided visualisation CD

"Self Journey" guarantees to boost your confidence and helps you be the best you can be - all in less than an hour! Amazingly, several clients have felt so good after listening to Self Journey that they now use it instead of expensive therapy sessions... The Self Journey guided visualisation takes you for an unforgettable walk on the beach. You'll meet the "you" of the past and will be guided to forgive yourself for any mistakes you've made, which will create an incredible sense of peace... Next, you'll get to meet the "you" of the future, which contains the blueprint of all you can be!

Track One (35 mins)
Guided Visualisation
Track Two (41 mins)
Music minus voice for your own meditation journeys

Soul Journey - guided visualisation CD

"Soul Journey" provides an excellent opportunity for finding perspective, purpose and direction in your life. "Powerful", "motivational" and "an effective reminder" are the three most common comments we hear from HR professionals who recommend the CD as being the best in its class. By listening to the guided visualisation provided, you'll be taken on a journey to the end of your life...In a way, it's as though you get to play the starring role in the legendary film "It's a Wonderful Life". From this new perspective, you will be able to "look" back and see what you would do differently if you had the chance to "do it all again"... And by listening to the CD, you get that chance!

Track One (35 mins)
Guided Visualisation
Track Two (41 mins)
Music minus voice for your own meditation journeys


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